I'm not sure how to get my delegators holding greater than a 50 tez balance.

I gather I need to filter by delegate and balance.

I see filter by balance would be:


But not sure how to combine this to return all delegators of a baker address.

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https://api.tzkt.io/#operation/Accounts_GetDelegators is the best way to do that. You just need to filter you delegators with balance.gt=50000000.

Here's an example: https://api.tzkt.io/v1/accounts/tz1aRoaRhSpRYvFdyvgWLL6TGyRoGF51wDjM/delegators?balance.gt=50000000


You can query them like this: https://api.tzkt.io/v1/accounts?delegate=tz1irJKkXS2DBWkU1NnmFQx1c1L7pbGg4yhk&balance.gt=50000000&select=address,balance,delegate&limit=10000


  • delegate=tz1irJKkXS2DBWkU1NnmFQx1c1L7pbGg4yhk filters only those who delegate Coinbase Baker, replace the address with your own baker address.
  • balance.gt=50000000 filters only those whose balance is greater than 50 XTZ.
  • select=address,balance,delegate only gets address, balance, and delegate info.
  • limit=10000 returns at max 10000 items in the response, this is the maximum you can set.

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