Is it possible to pack a javascript object with specific types for its properties that can be unpacked in a smart contract (for example Bytes.unpack in ligo)?

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I've come to the same point as the example above, but when I try to pack an object instead of the single address mentioned above I get stuck.We need to pack offchain and be able to extract some of these values in a smart contract.Ie: In JS:

  address: 'tz1...',
  timestamp: '...',

This gets packed and sent as a param to the SC. In SC we unpack as address and timestamp.

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This is a minimum example. It’ll require both @taquito/michelson-encode and @taquito/michel-codec packages. And Michelson type [![pair][1]][1] seems fit your use case. It converts Michelson-js-abstraction to Json-Michelson then packed to bytes and unpacked back to Json-Michelson back to Michelson-js-abstraction. The example also show the nuances between packDataBytes and packData for you to choose from.

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Here are a list of documentation for your reference:




Answer from Dev Slack from Hui-An Yang

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