I created a smart contract to do several interactions with tokens. With the tutorial on the tezos website: https://tezos.com/developers/tutorials/nft-markeplace

Here is my smart contract: https://legacy.smartpy.io/ide?cid=QmZWtv3TBjX97XEQcu1mqGfDZe73hiyZw4Y4tMVxYv9qVB&k=6ec679c3854a4df89088

The smart contract works very well, but the problem is that when I look on the blockchain, my token is a FA2 (a fungible token) and not an NFT...

Here is a token that I generate with the mint of my smart contract:

FA2 Token

As you can see in the photo below the token is identified as "OTHER" and not as "NFT"


Operation link: https://ghostnet.tzkt.io/opJECYmKonLh32hLwhn4EHBmNCn6i2C36X2ZxCaXxbzm8SJjd2R/17051811

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There are two Token Standards on Tezos. FA1.2 and FA2. There is no separate standard for NFTs. So this is indeed correct, FA2 standard is an Multi-Asset Interface, also the NFT abbreviation stands for Non fungible token.

Just a sidenote, there is currently a discussion about a "new" standard FA2.1 which would act as extension to FA2.

You can check on TZComet if your contract metadata is correct.

  • Owww, Okey thanks, and why on the image, it is written: "OTHER" ?
    – TM Paolo
    Jun 16, 2023 at 16:08

FA2.0 standard doesn't describe how to distinguish NFT from non-NFT, so there is actually no way to precisely tell what your token is.

TzKT uses heuristics to classify tokens. In particular, it classifies a token as NFT if it contains artifactUri in its metadata (like this one), according to recommendations from TZIP-21. But your token doesn't have it. Moreover, the metadata of your token is not indexed at all, because you have specified an incorrect uri ipfs://bafyreigr3iryqlttwkx3xuoml7orhskd5mj2ffcioqyynz44mft7v5q4ca/metadata.json||marcheeee.

Therefore, without metadata TzKT can say nothing about your token, so that's why it is classified as "other".

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