In quipuswap dex v2, when we call invest_liquidity, there is parameter called shares. I want to know how to calculate those shares.

I know that there is view in contract called get_toks_per_share but it gives 2 values token_a_amt and token_b_amt.

If this values are used to calculate shares then is there any formula to calculate the shares using this?

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Let's say you have an amount_a of the token a and amount_b of token b, you want to invest.

  1. Call the view get_total_supply to get the current supply of shares.
  2. Call the view to get the reserves get_reserves, you will receive reserves_a anount of token a and reserves_b of token b in the pool .
  3. Then calculate the shares required:
    shares_a = amount_a * total_supply / reserves_a
    shares_b = amount_b * total_supply / reserves_b

Then calculate min (shares_a, shares_b) and it will be the answer.

But note: if shares_a =/= shares_b, then the smaller amount of one of the tokens will be used. if shares_a > shares_b, then smaller amount of token a will be invested than you wanted and versa versa.

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