I am trying to make an NFT Marketplace using the tutorials given here: https://tezos.com/developers/tutorials/nft-markeplace

The first problem I had was when they give us the smartcontract, the following address is wrong:

FA2 = sp.io.import_script_from_url("https://smartpy.io/dev/templates/fa2_lib.py")

I corrected the address which is no longer functional by: https://smartpy.io/templates/fa2_lib.py

But an error remains:

In /lib/python3.10/urllib/request.py, line 1419:

raise URLError('unknown url type: %s' % type)

The code of my smartcontract is the same as for the smartcontract of the marketplace on the tutorial of the Tezos site.

I do not understand my error given that the code is given, would it come from the Tezos template?

Thank you for your answers !

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