Hello guys I am trying to call from my contract entry point from FA2 token contract that I have deployed. But I am unable to find anything on the internet.

The only thing I found from the documentation is this

        from_ = alice.address,
        txs = [ sp.record(to=bob.address, amount=10, token_id=0),
                sp.record(to=bob.address, amount=10, token_id=1)]),
        from_ = bob.address,
        txs = [sp.record(to_=alice.address, amount=11, token_id=0)])]
).run(sender = charlie)

But I can’t find a way on how I can implement it from my entry point here

def exchange_tez(self):
    # Sanity checks
    sp.verify(sp.amount >= sp.tez(1), "INVALID AMOUNT")

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I suggest you start by understanding how to call one contract from another. You can refer to this resource for more details: Call one contract from another.

In SmartPy, you have the ability to call a method in another contract by using sp.transfer.

c1.transfer is restrained to test scenario.

Here's the syntax for sp.transfer:

sp.transfer(argument: t, amount: sp.mutez, destination: sp.contract[t]):

  • argument is the same argument as c1.transfer
  • amount is an amount of tez (most of the time sp.tez(0))
  • destination is the destination contract, obtained by calling sp.contract(t, address: sp.address, entrypoint="transfer") and .unwrap_some().

Below is an example where I use these concepts. Note that I use t.transfer_params from the fa2_lib, but you can specify the full type directly:

        ).layout(("to_", ("token_id", "amount")))],
).layout(("from_", "txs"))]

Here is a full example:

import smartpy as sp
from templates import fa2_lib

# Accessing transfer_params from fa2_lib
t, main = fa2_lib.t, fa2_lib.main

def m():
    class MyContract(sp.Contract):
        def __init__(self):

        def call_transfer(self, fa2_address, args):
            # Get contract from the address
            fa2_contract = sp.contract(t.transfer_params, fa2_address, entrypoint="transfer")
            # Call the transfer entrypoint in the FA2 contract
            sp.transfer(args, sp.tez(0), fa2_contract.unwrap_some(error="Contract not found"))

if "templates" not in __name__:
    def test():
        sc = sp.test_scenario([t, main, m])
        c1 = m.MyContract()
        sc += c1
        fa2 = main.Fungible(sp.big_map(), {}, [])
        sc += fa2
        # Here we give the args
        # They can also be created inside the entrypoint.

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