I have been working on a Worker contract which is the parent of an NFT contract. The NFT contract is used to create dynamic NFTs (by changing their baseURI) in the contract and accessing the tokens using customized off-chain view.

I have created a new NFT with a baseURI (ipfs://bafybeibefpopll3oljhqysx3mbq6647zcrbiuhae4owtu2xn2mk4lbprty) and minted it. The contract address of NFT is KT1Rvp4pjFct1aWHKT7GSqnj3PvHD45AZCFj and that of Worker contract is KT1JgdTSpT2tSecmBqd3gquqnfLbGMnsmFfY. When I changed the baseURI to ipfs://bafybeicyoqmddy5ixuzj3jov4i6vjpnchefxi5huxti6xirgkwrzlnvuqe, even then the token was showing the older metadata on objkt.

Both contracts are deployed on mainnet.

I am getting the updated token_metadata in token_metadata off-chain view.

You can check out the minted nft here. The nft should display the artifact uri of a flower now but it is still showing a landscape.

Can someone help me on how to get the updated token_metadata and what is the issue.


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