for this contract on ghostnet, KT1T42LtbG7skEACAkWxNJGqdcCn52Nhp3pH, if I go to tzkt or better call dev, I can see the entrypoint divestLiquidity is listed there. but if I call contract.parameterSchema.generateSchema() , the entrypoint divestLiquidity will be under use.

approve : {__michelsonType: 'pair', schema: {…}}
default : {__michelsonType: 'unit', schema: 'unit'}
getAllowance : {__michelsonType: 'pair', schema: {…}}
getBalance : {__michelsonType: 'pair', schema: {…}}
getReserves : {__michelsonType: 'contract', schema: {…}}
getTotalSupply : {__michelsonType: 'pair', schema: {…}}
transfer : {__michelsonType: 'pair', schema: {…}}
use :
  schema : divestLiquidity : {__michelsonType: 'pair', schema: {…}}
    initializeExchange : {__michelsonType: 'nat', schema: 'nat'}
    investLiquidity : {__michelsonType: 'nat', schema: 'nat'}
    tezToTokenPayment : {__michelsonType: 'pair', schema: {…}}
    tokenToTezPayment : {__michelsonType: 'pair', schema: {…}}
    veto : {__michelsonType: 'pair', schema: {…}}
    vote : {__michelsonType: 'pair', schema: {…}}
    withdrawProfit : {__michelsonType: 'address', schema: 'address'}
  __michelsonType : "or"

It also doesn't seem to be possible to call contract.methodObject.divestLiquidity. Is it possible that I can use all entrypoints under use directly?

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I poked around a little bit and can see that with:

const contract = await tezos.contract.at('KT1T42LtbG7skEACAkWxNJGqdcCn52Nhp3pH')
const entrypoints = contract.parameterSchema.ExtractSignatures();
const op = await contract.methods.divestLiquidity(1,2,3).send();

the contract.methods.divestLiquidity is there and usable I am just not sure about the validation within your contract for what it wants and had it purposely fail with zero gasLimit so I wouldnt leave any lasting interactions with the contract.

The params are usable in both methods and methodsObject only difference are how they take params methods.<entrypoint>(params, order, specific) or methodsObject.<entrypoint>({0: firstParam, 1: nextParam}) please let me know if this helps at all or if this is not even close to what you are experiencing!

From Zainen Suzuki in Slack.


Agree with what Zainen is saying above and would like to add. I can see the contract hierarchy of %divestLiquidity is under %use.

I found contract.parameterSchema.ExtractSignatures() helpful when it comes to what entry points a contract has with taquito, a screenshot of the response below.

Then contract.methodsObject.divestLiquidity().getSignature() and contract.methods.divestLiquidity().getSignature() will show you how to pass param to make the contract calls.

enter image description here

From Hui-An Yang in Slack.


Thank you both! I think I found what I'm looking for. for ExtractSignatures and getSignature , it doesn't seem to provide a precise Michelson type in some cases. For example, set (string) only shows set. contract 'param shows contract. option 'a shows 'a. is it possible to get precise types and annotations?

  • ExtractSignature and getSignature are designed to simplify Michelson type down to javascript abstraction. genrateSchema() might be closest to what you’re looking for
    – user9011
    Commented Apr 22, 2023 at 0:37

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