I am looking for an implementation of a merkle tree, in ligo. Could somebody help me please?

From Slack, to share the answers for others its posted on Stackexchange.

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From Tom Jack:

I don't know of any existing implementation but I sketched this once or twice before. Its completely untested and likely wrong but:

type dir =
  | Left
  | Right

type step =
  {dir : dir;
   left : bytes;
   right : bytes}

type proof = step list

let validate (proof : proof) (root : bytes) : bytes =
    (fun ((root, step) : bytes * step) ->
       if root = Crypto.blake2b (Bytes.pack (step.left, step.right))
         match step.dir with
         | Left -> step.left
         | Right -> step.right
       else failwith "invalid proof")

From Anshu Jalan:

For the root computation, the smaller hash comes first (at least if you want it to be interoperable with the industry standard merklejs library)

enter image description here

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