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How do you update a SORUs (update the SORUs settings for example)? Do you need a L1 protocol update? Do you have an admin key with full power? Or do you release another rollup and ask users to migrate to the new rollup, like defi protocols do?

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Response from whalesniper

Both/Either. You can spread code across multiple rollups to make one big kernel, so I'm sure you can implement upgrading logic. As long as it's known beforehand (or handled by a DAO), I see little issue with it.

Response from daniel hines

Rollup kernels can modify their own code. See the installer kernel for an example.

How this plays out is under the control of the SORU kernel developer. Personally I would want upgrades to a rollup I used to be protected by multisig and time delay!

Answer from Nomadic labs

It depends on how the rollup is configured when deployed. Both rollups with admin keys and 100% trustless rollups are possible on Tezos. There is a special location in the durable storage of the WASM PVM where the kernel – the DApp code – is located. It is up to the DApp logic to implement an update mechanism by modifying this location and by rebooting the WASM machine. See the “installer kernel” that works following this principle: https://gitlab.com/tezos/kernel/-/blob/main/installer_kernel/src/reveal_installer.rs

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