The output from the command octez-dac-node --base-dir "$client-dir" config show reads:

Warning: no config file at /home/phil/.tezos-client/config, displaying the default configuration. { "base_dir": "/home/phil/.tezos-client", "endpoint": "http://localhost:20000", "web_port": 8080,
"confirmations": 0 }

This is unexpected because the dac-node config is located at /home/phil/.tezos-dac-node/config.json and contains:

{ "data-dir": "/home/phil/.tezos-dac-node", "rpc-port": 22222 }

Why does the output state that there is no config at the $client-dir? Is config show meant to show the dac-node config, or some other config? (I am running the octez-dac-node in a sandbox running protoalpha).

  • It looks like your paths don't match: /home/phil/.tezos-client/config vs /home/phil/.tezos-dac-node/config.json. Perhaps client_dir isn't set properly? Mar 6, 2023 at 1:47
  • That is why I'm confused. The second directory above is the one that I set and is where the config file can be found. Also, note that the rpc-ports don't match. Again the second one is the one that I set with the init-config command.
    – Phil
    Apr 20, 2023 at 20:09


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