In the Marigold presentation it is stated that

But first, project resources are dedicated to a new smart contract language for Tezos. What currently exists was sufficient for the Marigold prototype. However, the contracts needed for the full feature set described above require more because of their additional complexity.

Is there an other document or site I should read or follow to learn more about these features that would not be present in Michelson or Liquidity?

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    Whatever they will need that is not in Michelson (and Liquidity that has an equivalent expressivity), they will need a protocol amendment to get it. Maybe they are just looking for a better syntax, like the ReasonML syntax now available on Liquidity.
    – lefessan
    Feb 23, 2019 at 15:41
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You may want to follow this project: https://medium.com/tezos/introducing-ligo-a-new-smart-contract-language-for-tezos-233fa17f21c7

Not many answers for now, syntax apart, it looks like Liquidity or Fi.

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