I can not find my original Ledger Derivation Path that i used. I have tried all combinations that are known to be the default values of Tezbox: 44'/1729'/0'/0' 44'/1729' 44'/1729'/0'/1' etc. None display my current public address.

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Assuming your PKH is a tz1* address, we would know 2/3 parts of how this address was derived, the only part missing would be your derivation path.

1 - seed phrase of the ledger device (assumed known via Ledger device ownership)

2 - tz1* = ed25519 signing curve

3 - Derivation Path

As noted on this question and yours, TezBox defaults to 44'/1729'/0'/0'. Since you've mentioned that derivation path and the next increment of /0'/1' do not generate your PKH, the next steps I would take are:

1 - Confirm that you are absolutely sure you have the device and signing curve correct

2a - Run tezos-client list connected ledgers when Tezos Wallet is open on the device, then run the first import command it provides - tezos-client import secret key ledger_yourstruly "ledger://adjective-animal-adjective-animal/ed25519/0'/0'", and then increment the derivation path and keep trying a reasonable number of combinations.

2b - You should also check the root path - tezos-client import secret key ledger_yourstruly "ledger://adjective-animal-adjective-animal/ed25519/"

Best of luck!

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