I am looking for a reliable way to calculate a percentage. A simple example would be 100 mutez, 3% of this would be 3 mutez.

Ideally I can get a percentage from tez/mutez etc.

This would be used for taking a fee for example. The intention would be to set a variable like fee and then calculate the fee from the available contract balance or balance associated with an address.

Finally taking the set percentage, sending the fee to a fee wallet and the remainder to the user address.

So far attempts using sp.ediv and àbs all results in floats which causes the following error

Error: Expression cannot be a float. Got '3.0'

In the initial example 97 mutez would be sent to the user and 3 mutez to the fee wallet.

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You can use sp.split_tokens(<your_amount>, <your_pourcentage>, 100)


  • sp.split_tokens(sp.tez(100), 3, 100) results in sp.tez(3).
  • sp.split_tokens(sp.tez(200), 3, 100) results in sp.tez(6).

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