In Ethereum there is for example Hashlips: https://hashlips.online/HashLips

In Solana there is the Candy Machine: https://docs.metaplex.com/programs/candy-machine/overview

Both are great tools with tutorials and even people that are not coders can create their NFT collections and setup a dapp with this to mint.

I am looking for something similar on Tezos. I know you can mint your NFT on OBJKT, Teia or Fxhash.. but I am looking for tools like the above not a NFT platform. Must not be all in one if there is no such thing on Tezos. Separate tool for NFT contract and collection setup for example and so on..

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I found Openminter but it seems it is not maintained. I managed to start the project but wallet connection seems not to work hmm https://github.com/tqtezos/minter

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