I'm getting this error after installing tezos/taquito library in the frontend of my application, this is the error that I get when trying to load my app.

    Module not found: Package path ./lib/core/settle is not exported from package /Users/zerotimedrift/Documents/GitHub/auth/frontend/node_modules/axios (see exports field in /Users/zerotimedrift/Documents/GitHub/auth/frontend/node_modules/axios/package.json)
    Import trace for requested module:
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    Can you also post the TypeScript code that generated the error? Thanks Commented Jan 11, 2023 at 13:52

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axios-fetch-adapter is something we use to have fetch-based HTTP requests in our HTTP helpers.

Have you tried removing your node_modules and do a clean NPM install?

In an upcoming version 15.1.0 there might be fixes pertaining the axios-fetch-adapter, but your error doesn't seem to be related

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