so I was trying to update an entry point with lazify=true.

import smartpy as sp

class testSC(sp.Contract):
    def __init__(self):

    @sp.entry_point(lazify = False)
    def update_function(self, ep):
      sp.set_entry_point("f1", ep)

    @sp.entry_point(lazify = True)
    def f1(self):
        x = 5

def test():

    # deploy a contract
    c1 = testSC()
    sc = sp.test_scenario()
    sc += c1
    sc.h2("Update the contract")

    def f1(self, batch):
        x = 10
    c1.update_function(sp.utils.wrap_entry_point("f1", f1))

I am trying to update the function f1 . But I am unable to upgrade the function as the new code of the function consists of event(I copied michelson code of the new f1() from smartpy and give it as a param in update_function() at better-call. But it says "Invalid primitive EMIT") . However if I remove the event code, then the f1 function is being upgraded. so how can i update a function by adding event on it?

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The problem is related to better-call.dev. Apperently it has not been updated yet to support the EMIT.

You can update your entrypoint using the SmartPy explorer: https://smartpy.io/explorer

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