I know tezos strongly believes in immutability but I would like to clear out some curiosity regarding upgradability of a contract.

  1. If a function in a contract needs to be updated with it's logic , how can we do that?

  2. If we want to add a new function in an already originated contract, Is it possible or do we need to deploy a whole new contract ?

  3. How do we handle bugs if we get some issue in mainnet contract ? How are other product of tezos handling this ? Are there any example where a mainnet contract gets an issue and how was that issue handled?

  4. Is there any concept like OpenZeppelin(tools for deploying upgradeable smart contracts in solidity) in tezos ?

Looking forward for the answers.

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  • 1,2. This is done by storing a lambda in a map/big_map and then calling it from the entry-point. That way you can update the logic of the entry point by storing another lambda.
    1. You should create a mechanism to handle this. (e.i. make the contract pausable)
    1. Yes, it is called lazy entry-points in smartpy. Here is also an example in ligo.

I am of the opinion that most contract's code should be final once they get deployed. Using a proxy approach is almost always preferable.

  • 2. How does storing lambda in a map/big_map helps in creating a entirely new function in a contract, here i am mentioning a new feature that will be written in a new function not in existing function. Is there any example? 3. How can we resolve the issue after making the contract pausable. 4. Do you have any example?
    – Kin
    Commented Nov 22, 2022 at 8:36
  • 2. The lambda contains the body of the function. You cannot update the function signature. 3. Pointing to a new contract in the proxy contract or updating the lambda, depending on the approach you use. 4. Adding to the examples already provided above smartpy.io/ide?template=lazy_entry_points.py Commented Nov 22, 2022 at 21:08

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