I'm trying to get this tutorial to work but adding a memo to the Tezos blockchain always results in a HttpRequestFailed: Error: timeout of 30000ms exceeded

Full repo: https://github.com/MelvinManni/tez_memo


   * @param {string} memo
   * @description Creates a new memo and adds it to the contract storage
  async addMemo({ dispatch }, memo) {
    try {
      const contract = await getContract();
      const op = await contract.methods.addMemo(memo).send();
      await op.confirmation()
    } catch (error) {

Any ideas on how to fix this are really appreciated.

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Try changing these lines:

const network = { type: NetworkType.ITHACANET };

// initialiize the SDK
const Tezos = new TezosToolkit("https://ithacanet.ecadinfra.com");


const network = { type: NetworkType.GHOSTNET };

// initialiize the SDK
const Tezos = new TezosToolkit("https://rpc.ghostnet.teztnets.xyz");

ithacanet was renamed to ghostnet, and is now a long running test network.

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