I want to calculate three gas fees (low, average, fast) for transactions in the Tezos blockchain,Is there any formula to calculate gas fees for every transaction?

I want to do an operation on the Tezos blockchain, So I want to know the minimum gas fee to do the operation! after that, when I know the minimum gas fee to succeed in the operation, I can increase the minimum gas fee to calculate the average, and the fast gas fee depends on the minimum gas fee

  • (low, average, fast) with respect to what? I see for instance. low: so that a baker would include the tx, fast: the tx would be included in the next block, by taking into account the current operations/fees in the mempool ...
    – iguerNL
    Sep 26, 2022 at 15:24

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Have a look at file estimate.ts in the taquito repository.

The base value is what you call low, from there you just need to define some thresholds for average and fast.

Also remember, there is a storage burn that may occur depending on the storage diff of your operations and is not part of the fee.

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