For example- I am sending an FA1.2/FA2 token to an address that has previously not held any amount of that token. So, the address is not present in the ledger big_map of the contract. This would clearly lead to an increase in storage being used, since the address and the corresponding balance needs to be added to the big_map. Mostly this incurs a storage fee ~0.01675 tez (on mainnet).

However, at times, I have noticed that no storage fee is incurred in such a scenario (just gas). Why does this seem to happen?

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That may happen when someone removes data from the storage before your operation, releasing some space, so that the contract has a kind of "prepaid" space, for which storage fee won't be taken.

It works like this:

  • op1 writes 10 bytes (storage fee is taken for 10 bytes);
  • op2 removes 5 bytes (no storage fees, nor refunds);
  • op3 writes 3 bytes (no storage fees);
  • op4 writes 3 bytes (storage fee is taken for 1 byte).

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