Considering the following SmartPy decorators:

  • @sp.utils.view
  • @sp.onchain_view
  • @sp.offchain_view

What are the differences in use between them?


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  • @sp.utils.view: An old helper that simplifies the creation of an entrypoint that callback a contract with a value. Do not use it except if you know what you are doing.
  • @sp.onchain_view: an on-chain view is a piece of code that can be called by contracts and also off-chain tools. It is read-only and returns a result.
  • @sp.offchain_view: isn't uploaded anywhere on the chain. Its code is added to the metadata JSON file/tab generated by SmartPy and must uploaded somewhere and then linked in the metadata bigmap. It can be linked into the metadata. It can be executed by off-chain tools only and is read-only. It returns a result.

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