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I understand that some operations require a minimal fee, for instance ꜩ0.001271 for transfer operations. Besides, some operations require to burn extra tez. Are these fees documented somewhere?

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Docs in tezos.git

Docs by TezTech

To copy from the tezos.git docs:

fees >= (minimal_fees + minimal_nanotez_per_byte * size
                      + minimal_nanotez_per_gas_unit * gas)

(size is the size of the operation in binary.)

With current defaults:

minimal_fees = 0.000 1 ꜩ (100 µꜩ)
minimal_nanotez_per_gas_unit = 100 nꜩ/gu (0.000 000 1 ꜩ/gu)
minimal_nanotez_per_byte = 1000 nꜩ/B (0.000 001 ꜩ/B)

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