In my app on back-end the next code is used to get signer:

const { InMemorySigner } = require('@taquito/signer');

const signer = InMemorySigner.fromSecretKey(

where TEZOS_SERVICE_PASSPHRASE - some passphrase, that need to be used on front-end to encrypt secret key. According to Taquito documentation https://tezostaquito.io/typedoc/classes/_taquito_signer.inmemorysigner.html, second param is a Passphrase to decrypt the private key if it is encrypted. But how can I encrypt secret key using passphrase on front-end?

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You are not required to have an encrypted key edesk, you can just provide the edsk without password and encrypt your wallet storage the way you prefer.

Answering your exact question:

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