I have a wallet address and token contracts

For example:

wallet address: tz1MmduNCzoKU9GHngwLqC8TmExTHQXJCSTn

and Tokens contracts:

Plenty: KT1GRSvLoikDsXujKgZPsGLX8k8VvR2Tq95b

Quipu: KT193D4vozYnhGJQVtw7CoxxqphqUEEwK6Vb

ecoin: KT1M81KrJr6TxYLkZkVqcpSTNKGoya8XytWT

Youves: KT1Xobej4mc6XgEjDoJoHtTKgbD1ELMvcQuL


kolibriUSD: KT1K9gCRgaLRFKTErYt1wVxA3Frb9FjasjTV

usdTz: KT1LN4LPSqTMS7Sd2CJw4bbDGRkMv2t68Fy9

Ctez: KT1SjXiUX63QvdNMcM2m492f7kuf8JxXRLp4

Dogami: KT1Ha4yFVeyzw6KRAdkzq6TxDHB97KG4pZe8


I want to show the balance of every above contract with the help of a wallet address.

Is there any API to help me with this?

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The best approach is to use an indexer that is aware of all tokens. Its not scalable to query them one at a time from the RPC, or to maintain the list of tokens.

This API from TZKT: https://api.tzkt.io/#operation/Tokens_GetTokenBalances

Only needs a wallet address, and will return balances for up to 10,000 tokens per page/request

  • How to filter just specific tokens balance?
    – Taleb
    Jun 17, 2022 at 13:04
  • @Taleb the link lists all the query parameters available. token.contract can be used to filter specific contract addresses
    – Simon McLoughlin
    Jun 17, 2022 at 13:32

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