Found a similar topic at After upgrading to 12.2 i'm getting baker errors: Ledger Application level error (sign-with-hash): Parse error

but even after updating the Ledger baking app version to 2.3.2 and ensuring the Ledger firmware is up-to-date, I'm still getting the error when I try to submit a ballot. I'm using bakebuddy on mainnet, and have posted my issue on the tezos Slack, #bake-buddy channel, but so far no answers. My main concern is not so much with the voting, but whether I'll be able do endorse and bake when the rights begin. Here are the details:

  • baking rights don't start until May 12. Don't know if that's the issue with trying to vote
  • Running this command: bb-cli vote --period exploration PtJakart2xVj7pYXJBXrqHgd82rdkLey5ZeeGwDgPp9rhQUbSqY yay
  • node is bootstrapped and synced
  • When I try to vote directly through tezos-client instead of bake-buddy, I get another error tezos-client submit ballot for tz1ffYUjwjduZkoquw8ryKRQaUjoWJviFVK6 PtJakart2xVj7pYXJBXrqHgd82rdkLey5ZeeGwDgPp9rhQUbSqY yay Error: no keys for the source contract tz1ffYUjwjduZkoquw8ryKRQaUjoWJviFVK6
  • status of ledger baking app is running
  • signer is running and operational
  • When I run bb-cli list-ledgers, it lists the id of the Ledger
  • prior to installing bake-buddy, I had run a tezos node and bakeron the same device against the ithaca testnet, using the base tezos executables. Don't know if there's some conflict between data left over from the testnet node and the mainnet node. I shutdown the testnet node and renamed its directories.
  • Device: a spare Dell Inspiron 14R laptop, running with the bare minimum of system requirements for Tezos, Ubuntu 18.0.4. It successfully endorsed and baked against testnet,with small percentage of missed endorsements (no missed baking) On the Ubuntu website, I didn't see this version of the Dell laptop being certified for Ubuntu 20.0.4, so I stuck with 18.0.4


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