Using the tezos node, is there an RPC command from the API that allows one to retrieve the baking rights of any given address for a given cycle ?

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GET ../<block_id>/helpers/baking_rights?(level=<block_level>)*&(cycle=<block_cycle>)*&(delegate=<pkh>)*&[max_priority=<int>]&[all]

Retrieves the list of delegates allowed to bake a block. By default, it gives the best baking priorities for bakers that have at least one opportunity below the 64th priority for the next block. Parameters level and cycle can be used to specify the (valid) level(s) in the past or future at which the baking rights have to be returned. Parameter delegate can be used to restrict the results to the given delegates. If parameter all is set, all the baking opportunities for each baker at each level are returned, instead of just the first one. Returns the list of baking slots. Also returns the minimal timestamps that correspond to these slots. The timestamps are omitted for levels in the past, and are only estimates for levels later that the next block, based on the hypothesis that all predecessor blocks were baked at the first priority.

Optional query arguments:

level = cycle = delegate = max_priority = all

Source: https://tezos.gitlab.io/mainnet/api/rpc.html#get-block-id-helpers-baking-rights

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