I am quite new to Pytezos and I have a few questions and would be very happy if you could help me. I want to make my script buy NFT, I know the smart contract address, how could I get from smart contract all the fields which needs to be filled and how do I originate contract using Pytezos? Do I have to convert it to michelson and use Tezos-client? Is there any way to send commands on Tezos-client using python?

Thank you for you time!

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You can get the contract script and use it for the origination:

kolibri_oven = pytezos.using('mainnet').contract('KT1KH3wH4sneEevPVW7AACiVKMjhTvmXLSK6')
initial_storage = {}
pytezos.origination(script = kolibri_oven.script(initial_storage), balance = 0).autofill().sign().inject()

Read more: https://pytezos.org/quick_start.html#originate-contract

  • Hey, thank you for you answer. I got one more question. How do I buy NFT on secondary market, like from objkt.com, do I still use same contract, and how can I specify which "name or number" of NFT I want to buy?
    – Aron
    Commented Apr 23, 2022 at 19:44

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