I would like to send tez to my smart contract, I tried from the temple interface but it does not work, I think it is because it is a contract address and not a simple address of wallet... Do you know another way?

Thank you for your attention and thank you for your help

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You'll need to implement the default entrypoint. If you're writing in CamelLIGO, here's a sample of how it would be implemented:

let main (param, storage : entrypoint * contract_storage) : operation list * contract_storage =
    match param with
    | Withdraw recipient ->
        let () = if Tezos.amount > 0tez
        then failwith "If you'd like to send funds; you're invoking the wrong function"
        in withdraw(recipient, storage)
    | Default _d -> ([]: operation list), storage

There's more discussion at https://help.sweet.io/en/articles/5884308-sending-funds-to-a-blockchain-payment-contract


To have the same transfer behavior on originated contracts (KT1... addresses) as on implicit accounts (tz{1,2,3}... addresses), you will need to add a default entrypoint with unit input.

(unit %default)
  • the default (unit) parameter is represented like this in storage: { } ?
    – oriana
    Commented Mar 22, 2022 at 15:51
  • It is not in the storage. It is just an entrypoint named default that has unit as input type. Commented Mar 22, 2022 at 15:54

If you're using SmartPy you can add the default entrypoint to your contract like this:

def default(self, params):
    sp.set_type(params, sp.TUnit)

Once that is in place your contract will be able to receive funds directly.

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