Does baker implementation currently include a way to tell node what block it wants to bake on?

Edit: I want to know if what does baker do after it finds out it has a baking slot? What I know is that It asks node to send the a block which node has been preparing since last block it received, signs it and ask node to inject it. I am curious whether baker can ask node to extend any head of their choosing, or it is completely upto node to decide which head to extend using this new block.

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There's only ever 1 head. The node knows the current head. The baker binary reads the current head from the database files and bakes head+1 when it is your turn. The node does not "prepare" any blocks. The node simply relays operations and validates signatures. Endorsers inject endorsement operations; bakers scrape endorsements from the mempool and construct a new block/head and submit it at the appropriate time.

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