my tezos node is stucked on this error:

Current head: BLpEPZhSw81k (timestamp: 2022-01-24T03:12:08.000-00:00, validation: 2022-01-24T11:41:02.077-00:00)
Jan 24 12:41:03.343 - protocol_cache: start loading cache now
Jan 24 12:41:04.792 - protocol_cache: stop loading cache now
  Kind.of_magic: unexpected magic char '\000'

It was running properly until this error appears in logs. I've try to restart it and to delete data to start from scratch, but the problem still happens on this head.

Do you know what I can do to fix it ?

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There are similar issues reported for this error. The main investigation relies here https://gitlab.com/tezos/tezos/-/issues/1982

Can you have a look to it? The main conclusion is that there is something strange with EBS snapshot of an EC2 volume. Are you using this kind of architecture?

  • Thanks for the link. But I'm not using this kind of architecture. I'm using a personal computer with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
    – Alex
    Jan 24 at 15:03
  • Oh! So this is unexpected. Can you open an issue with as much details as possible on gitlab.com/tezos/tezos/-/issues ?
    – vect0r
    Jan 25 at 17:15
  • Ok. I don't have much details to give, but we will see.
    – Alex
    Jan 26 at 7:29
  • And I've started from scratch another node on hangzhounet. And now I'm stuck on this error: Error: (Invalid_argument "String.blit / Bytes.blit_string") tezos-node: Error: (Invalid_argument "String.blit / Bytes.blit_string")
    – Alex
    Jan 26 at 7:36
  • Indeed, this is very strange. Please open an issue to allow a better tracking of the problem, and add as much details as possible (machine, hardware, os, …).
    – vect0r
    Jan 27 at 8:04

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