I use the Temple browser extension for a Tezos wallet with my user accounts on fxhash. I had just created this wallet a few days ago, and I'd just taken a screenshot of the seed phrase.

Last night my btrfs root partition had some errors due to me having to forcefully shutdown the laptop. It was running fine, just showed a lot of junk files in the home dir

Like an idiot I went into a rescue shell and ran btrfs check with repair - it claimed to have deleted 5000 odd bad entries. Next boot my home dir was completely empty!

So I shutdown and reinstalled my OS on a separate partition - I reinstalled Temple wallet on Chromium, made a test wallet and checked how the IndexDB looked in a hex editor

I found some string like account"$tz occuring in it and I grepped for that on the bad btrfs partition:

grep --byte-offset --only-matching --text 'account"$tz' /dev/nvme1n1p4

It found the string and I was able to look at the hexdump at that offset and it is definitely there.

Now I know the passphrase, but I don't have the seed phrase... Is there some way for me to extract the relevant bytes from the hard disk dump and decrypt with my passphrase to get the private key?

The wallet has only about 5 tezos, but it is linked to my fxhash account, so it would be nice to get it back (the other option is to disable the NFTs I put up and make a new account)

Thanks in advance


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