In taquito What is the web service being called with what data and end point while originating? I couldn't figure it out, can you please help me ?

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The endpoint for all operation types is the same. All operations go to https://<node-rpc-address>/injection/operation, with a different payload for each type.

If you are looking for help crafting the Taquito payload you can see examples on the taquito docs: https://tezostaquito.io/docs/originate

If you are looking to understand the RPC schema, you can check the openAPI spec for the simulation RPC, which lists all the possible operation types. Go here: https://gitlab.com/tezos/tezos/-/blob/master/docs/api/hangzhou-openapi.json and scroll down to helpers/scripts/run_operation. Expand it and expand the schema:

enter image description here

There are also some other protocol specific OPEnAPi's if you are interested, the root link to all of them is here: https://tezos.gitlab.io/api/openapi.html

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