I am using '@taquito/rpc' functions such as forgeOperations, sign('@taquio/signer') and injectOperation to deploy a contract.

I would like to know the contents to be included to originate a contract and generate KT1 addresses.

    "branch" : "BL9AfayRB7QB8LcRgNNbBZNWzgvs7YpShSqtdGkA3gUaT5uRAgi",
    "contents": [
                "kind": "reveal",
                "fee": "374",
                "public_key": "edpkuPKqseGYk8sM56F1wdbQBmFDMEY2UcLJeeyjLqbr5jvR7UzkPg",
                "source": "tz1XEt22ftRSSGuD1yiCv3X1iGbyy8DLXqYp",
                "gas_limit": "1100",
                "storage_limit": "0",
                "counter": "2"
                "kind": "transaction",
                "fee": "502",
                "gas_limit": "1520",
                "storage_limit": "0",
                "amount": "5000000",
                "destination": "tz1aSkwEot3L2kmUvcoxzjMomb9mvBNuzFK6",
                "source": "tz1XEt22ftRSSGuD1yiCv3X1iGbyy8DLXqYp",
                "counter": "3"

Above one is the operation object I have constructed for transfer between two tz1 addresses. After constructing the operation object, I get forged bytes using forgeOperations function from '@taquito/rpc'. I pass these forged bytes to sign from '@taquito/sign' to get signOpBytes. I pass these sign opbytes to injectOperation function from '@taquito/rpc'. And then, my transfer will be broadcast, validated and update the balances.

I want to use same methodology to deploy a smart contract. So, I want to first create an operation object first to originate. Please help me construct. Thanks in advance.

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