I've seen TempleWallet display parameters like this:

  destination: 'KT1DornVnLZWu3VaJnDLB2RubSFSPBZaKq4W',
  kind: 'transaction',
  amount: 0,
  parameters: {
    entrypoint: 'GetReward',
    value: {
      prim: 'Unit'

But Taquito expects a different format for batching operations (as defined in OperationContentsTransaction?):

  to: '...',

I've looked into batch(), with(), local-forging, but can't find a way to convert from the above raw format, to one that is supported in Taquito

I'd like to be able to call Tezos.wallet.batch() with the params from the first paragraph. (I'm using TezosToolkit + BeaconWallet).

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