I am using methods such as forgeOperations, injectOperation provided by '@taquito/rpc' package.

However, this method works for already revealed accounts to complete the transfer between two tz1 accounts.

But, the above approach doesn't work if a tz1 account is transferring for the first time. I came to know that we should do reveal operation first before transaction operation.

How could we forge reveal and transaction operations at once and fulfil the requirement? Thanks in advance.

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You have to just append the reveal operation to the contents of the (batched) operation you'd like to inject.

Here is a code snipped extracted from some TS code we wrote:

    let header = await getInjectionHeader(tk, injectionBranchOffset);
    level = header.level;
    let source = await tk.signer.publicKeyHash();
    let contract = await tk.rpc.getContract(source);
    let counter = parseInt(contract.counter || '0', 10)
    let contents: Array<RPCOperation> = []; // This will contain the contents of the TX

    let revealEstimate = await tk.estimate.reveal();
    if (revealEstimate !== undefined) { // Pk revelation needed. Put it at the beginning
      let publicKey = await tk.signer.publicKey();
      let revealParams = {
        fee: revealEstimate.suggestedFeeMutez,
        gasLimit: revealEstimate.gasLimit,
        storageLimit: revealEstimate.storageLimit
      let rpcRevealOperation = await createRevealOperation(revealParams, source, publicKey);
      contents.push(({ ...rpcRevealOperation, source, counter: counter } as RPCOperation))
    let len = transfersParams.length;
    // process all TXs (enforce sequentiality and ordering with an aux function)
    let processTX = async function (i: number): Promise<void> {
      if (i >= len) return;
      let transferParams = transfersParams[i];
      let estimate = await tk.estimate.transfer(transferParams);
      const rpcTransferOperation = await createTransferOperation({
        fee: estimate.suggestedFeeMutez,
        gasLimit: estimate.gasLimit,
        storageLimit: estimate.storageLimit
      let v = {
        parameter: transferParams.parameter,
        counter: counter,
      await processTX(i + 1);
    await processTX(0);
    let op = objToString({
      branch: header.hash,
      contents: contents
    let forgedOp = await tk.rpc.forgeOperations(op)
    let signOp = await tk.signer.sign(forgedOp, new Uint8Array([3]));

Hope this helps.

  • I am unable to understand parseInt(contract.counter || '0', 10) May I know why are you using || 0, 10 here ? I am using (Number(contract.counter) + 1).toString() as logic to assign counter for the operation. Correct me if I am wrong. @iguerNL Dec 2, 2021 at 20:55

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