I did the installation of https://smartpy.io/docs/cli/ (including python,node and the cli version 0.8.3-1) both in ubuntu (windows subsystem) and in Windows 10 and every time I try to run compile or test (using any of the templates like https://smartpy.io/ide?template=storeValue.py) I'm getting always the message:

unhandledRejection {}

Has anyone had the same problem?

  • i had the same problem - try cding into ~/smartpy-cli and running npm install @smartpy/timelock
    – damian
    Oct 25 at 18:11

This has been fixed on Saturday, you just need to update the CLI by running this:

sh <(curl -s https://smartpy.io/cli/install.sh)

Ignore my previous message (I just read your message properly), SmartPy CLI doesn't work on windows without using a container or WSL.

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