How can i pack on taquito side params so that they match what i would get in smartpy with sp.pack? Say i have params two ints and a string: 1, 3, "something" What do i need to do in taquito to get same bytes as i would with sp.pack(1, 3, "something").

We have a pay-gas-by-proxy system so we need this in order to compute sig of params on frontend side and then check it in smartpy.

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In SmartyPy -

record = sp.record(x=1,y=3,z="something")
bytes = sp.pack(record)

gives something like -

{'__initialized': True,
 '_f': 'pack',
 '_l': [(record ("my_contract.py" 6) (x (literal (intOrNat 1) ("my_contract.py" 6))) (y (literal (intOrNat 3) ("my_contract.py" 6))) (z (literal (string "something") ("my_contract.py" 6)))),
        <smartpy.LineNo object at 0x103593340>],
 'attributes': {},
 'onUpdateHandlers': [],
 'opens': {}}

In taquito Michel codec package we have pack and packDataBytes, see example below -

const data: MichelsonData = {
    prim: 'Pair', args: [{ int: '1' }, { int: '3' }, { string:"something" }]

const typ: MichelsonType = {
  prim: 'pair', args: [{ prim: 'int' }, { prim: 'int' }, { prim:"string" }]

const packedBytes = packDataBytes(data, typ);
// { bytes: "0507070707000100030100000009736f6d657468696e67" }

both give you different format in terms of bytes. I would like to understand your needs and how you want to equate taquito bytes representation with SmartPy's representation.


  • I copy-pasted your Taquito example, and packedBytes.bytes is 0507070001070700030100000009736f6d657468696e67 when I run it, which has a different prefix from your example. Only sp.pack gives the bytes you showed. Did something change? Only difference is I'm using JS instead of TS, and I imported like const { packDataBytes } = require('@taquito/michel-codec').
    – sudo
    Apr 10, 2022 at 9:03

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