I am trying to execute this line sp.amount == sp.utils.nat_to_mutez(x) * self.data.y where x is the parameter of an entry point function. These are the following types:

sp.amount: sp.TMutez,

x: sp.TNat

y: sp.TMutez.

Even using the sp.utils.nat_to_mutez(x), I still get the following error:

Error: Type Error (sp.mul(params, sp.mutez(1)) : sp.TMutez), (self.data.y : sp.TMutez) cannot be multiplied (sp.mul(params, sp.mutez(1)) * self.data.y : sp.TMutez) (__main__, line 87)

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It is not possible to multiply mutez by mutez directly. Doc

⊢ MUL :: mutez : nat : A ⇒ mutez

⊢ MUL :: nat : mutez : A ⇒ mutez

You can do sp.amount == sp.mul(x, self.data.y), which uses the overloaded multiplication (between 2 values of different types)

Where: sp.amount: sp.TMutez, x: sp.TNat, y: sp.TMutez

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