I've set up a full mainnet node on a VPS. The RPC port of the node (8733) is not exposed to the Internet, but I can access it from my local machine via an SSH port forward:

ssh remote-note -L8733:localhost:8732

Accessing http://localhost:8733 works well from my local machine, both using tezos-client as well as accessing the RPC endpoints from a web browser.

However when I try to configure a Temple wallet on the same machine to use the same node URL, it gives me an error:

Invalid RPC: Cannot get chain id

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Opening a "Maximised View" of Temple and enabling the developer console, I could see CORS errors when I tried to add the node to Temple.

The CORS issue was fixed by stopping and restarting tezos-node with these additional flags:

--cors-header='content-type' --cors-origin='*'

I was then able to successfully add and use my own node with the Temple wallet.

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    Thanks to the folks from the Madfish | Developers Community Telegram channel for helping me troubleshoot this.
    – ktorn
    Sep 22, 2021 at 2:46

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