I am calling balance_of function of contract using taquito but i am facing issue that how to pass parameters address and token value in it as it sit showing error const createInstance=async(res,obj,i)=> {

const contract = await Tezos.wallet.at('KT1M81KrJr6TxYLkZkVqcpSTNKGoya8XytWT').then(async(instance) => {  
    let methods = instance.parameterSchema.ExtractSignatures();

    let number =0
    const balance = await instance.methods.balance_of({"address":"tz1YTMzKPWur5nm1sXTaHeNgAJeJX4E6kgbh"},0).then(output => {  

    console.log("balance is",output)
}).catch(err => {

console.log("Instance is");


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For now, Taquito doesn't work with entrypoints that require a value of type contract, so you cannot call the balance_of entrypoint of an FA2 contract from Taquito. In general, you wouldn't need it because the entrypoint is reserved to get the balance of a user on-chain. With Taquito, you can read the balance directly from the ledger bigmap in the storage.

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