I believe with this operation ooDavbDYs9SkBR4JoaUxTBysvEnd7y1gP1ZDGddQgfQZaURpdjx I have created a token. This is the entry point I called

    def mintDiezDAO(self, params):
        sp.verify(sp.sender == self.data.administrator)
        sp.set_type(params, sp.TList(sp.TRecord(to_=sp.TAddress, amount=sp.TNat)))
        sp.for e in params:
            user = self.ledger_key.make(e.to_, 0)
            sp.if self.data.ledger.contains(user):
                self.data.ledger[user].balance += e.amount
                self.data.ledger[user] = Ledger_value.make(e.amount)
            sp.if self.data.token_metadata.contains(0):
                self.data.token_metadata[0] = sp.record(
                    token_info={"": sp.pack("ipfs://QmXvuWe3oA8vbJ2g5ERKiECfkCPgYxuC2ZyK9QomtaCiKy")}

But in the wallet, the icon and the unit are not displayed. token view in wallet

Do I need to call the Token_metadata first? But then, what do I need to pass as Handler? Handler for Token_metadata

Any help really appreciated,

  • That entry_point is not in the template. (You are probably missing the token_metadata.) Sep 19, 2021 at 19:36
  • thank you so much! really appreciate you help! Using the fa2 template Mint, in smartpy explorer, I cannot find how to fill the token_info box, to have a token like this: {"name":"diezDAO","symbol":"diezDAO","decimals":6,"shouldPreferSymbol":false,"thumbnailUri":"ipfs://QmW6G3xK1ssrpDBNuJ17wGzcjbK6dAF9Dj4bMr87Csokd9"} In the "Token_info" box, I select "Four", then add the 4 key pairs, but I get Cannot convert 'diezDAO' into bytes for path mint.token_info.list.Four.0.1
    – Lauzaki
    Sep 19, 2021 at 20:07
  • You are probably putting the key in the value field. Left box is the key and the right box is the value. Sep 19, 2021 at 20:56


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