I have an ISP that puts me behind 10.x.x.x but before i learned this i set up a laptop to do port forwarding and upnp and suchlike to bake quietly in the corner.

Since the ISP puts the router behind a private net I cannot do port forwarding or useful DMZ in the simple way as expected. The first attempt to bake from behind this network had no success for a few days. Coincidentally returning to my cloud baker setup has also been batting zero once the laptop results were tested. i was hoping to close this down but i can keep it around for a bit if it proves useful.

the answer found in a discord conversation is as follows:

you do not need open inbound TCP/UDP to bake. what you need is enough connections at all times. this has been working from a 10.x.x.x ISP:

: ${TZPATH:=$HOME/tezos}; : ${PARAMS:="--endpoint"}; : ${APIDOMAIN:=services.tzkt.io}; : ${PARLEL:=5};while true; do curl -s "https://$APIDOMAIN/v1/network?state=running" | jq -r '.[] | .point_id' | sed -e 's,::ffff:,,g' -e 's,:9732,,g'| xargs -n${PARLEL} | while read do for j in ${REPLY}
do $TZPATH/tezos-admin-client ${PARAMS} connect address ${j} & done
done sleep 12h done

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tezos-node needs connectivity to the reset of the Tezos network. This is done over 9732. If your ISP cannot do port forwarding, that's OK, as tezos-node will seek out connections to other nodes as well. Having the port forwarding just makes things easier for the node.

Use the addpeers.sh script in a cron job to run daily to keep your node connected.

Make sure RPC is running on your node (it is off by default) and ensure tezos-baker and tezos-endorser can access the RPC of your node.

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