I am trying to activate tezo fucet wallet using conseiljs. Below is the code.

const faucetAccount = {
          "mnemonic": [15 comma separated words],,
      "secret": "000",
      "amount": "1233",
      "pkh": "tz1UwRjxzNVjkZpr6ZgEUT7t7em17c7xodsk",
      "password": "0000",
      "email": "0000.mozrjwhi@tezos.example.org"}

const keyStore = await KeyStoreUtils.restoreIdentityFromFundraiser(faucetAccount.mnemonic.join(' '), faucetAccount.email, faucetAccount.password, faucetAccount.pkh);

const signer = await SoftSigner.createSigner(TezosMessageUtils.writeKeyWithHint(keyStore.secretKey, 'edsk'));

 const result = await TezosNodeWriter.sendIdentityActivationOperation('https://api.tez.ie/rpc/florencenet', signer, keyStore, 'fucitsecret');

I am trying to send this call but getting error FetchSelector.actualFetch is not a function

Please guide me what is wrong here, how can I fix this error?

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