I have the following contract:

parameter (pair :doc (string %name) (string %sig));
storage (list (pair :doc (string %name) (string %sig)));
code { DUP ;
       DIP { CDR @storage_slash_1 } ;
       CAR @parameter_slash_2 ;
       SWAP ;
       SWAP ;
       CONS ;
       NIL operation ;
       PAIR };

How can I call this contract with an doc type as parameter? All the example I find use a single string or int as parameter.

I have been trying:

tezos-client transfer 0 from yolo to docs --arg '{ name = "test"; sig = "abcd" }'

But I guess that is how liquidity expresses parameters? 🤔

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As per the Michelson spec you need to use the correct calling convention. You should use the following:

(Pair "this is a string" "a signature string")

One other obeservation - Why do you have SWAP repeated? This effectively returns the stack to how it was.

  • Thanks a bunch! The Micelson code was transpiled from ReasonML -> Liquidity -> Michelson, perhaps not optimal. I need to dig into the Michelson spec, and I'll be sure to look into why the code is adding that repeated SWAP 👍 Thanks again! Commented Feb 12, 2019 at 8:10

If you use the next branch of Liquidity, you can use :

  • liquidity CONTRACT.liq --call-arg main '{ name = "test"; sig = "abcd" }' to print the argument to be used by tezos-client (where main is the entry point you want)

  • liquidity --re CONTRACT.liq to directly compile a file in ReasonML syntax (add the --re argument in the previous command also)

(the double SWAP is under-optimized generated code, we will add a pass of optimization on the Michelson code in a later version)

  • 1
    Nice! Thanks for great feedback here 👌 Will try the next branch 👍 Commented Feb 12, 2019 at 11:31

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