I've been solo baking for over a year now for me and a few friends. I recently have set up tezos-rewards-distributor and it's working fine.

Now I would like to become a public baker but can't figure out how to get listed. I've read that one can register with mytezosbaker.com but this site now just redirects to tezos.com

Thanks a lot RonnyRenner

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To get listed on Baking Bad and TzKT as a public baker, just contact our support on twitter, telegram, discord or email us [email protected] and we'll walk you through


Being a "private baker" simply means you are not advertising your services. There is no setting that enables you private or public baker. Technically, every baker on Tezos is public.

To be a "public baker" you simply advertise yourself as such. You must contact each of the major explorers (tzkt, tzstats, etc) and request your profile be updated. Get a website, branding, etc. Establish your fee, minimum delegation amount, payout policy as well. There's "work" to be done here.

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