Error: Type sp.TInt / sp.TNat mismatch
sp.is_nat expects a sp.TInt
Got: sp.TNat
line 119

Line: 119

self.data.shop_items[item_to_purchase.key].amount -= sp.as_nat(item_to_purchase.value)

I'm not sure where the sp.TInt is coming from... All the numbers are supposed to be sp.TNat

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Doing math on nats casts them to an int. The value needs to be casted back to a nat after the subtraction:

self.data.shop_items[item_to_purchase.key].amount = sp.as_nat(self.data.shop_items[item_to_purchase.key].amount - item_to_purchase.value)
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    Not all math. Only when they involve a difference (of the unitary minus operator). Otherwise, your answer is good!
    – FFF
    Commented Jun 24, 2021 at 0:03

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