I want to know what is the procedure for preparing a protocol proposal.

From my understanding it goes like this.

Take the current Protocol src and make the changes in .ml files. Use a script to generate a new protocol version # and Name. - This part I was not able to give the protocol hash a desired prefix. Start a tezos node with genesis block. - I wasn't able to get ./tezos-node run --network sandbox to work with my proto source. Create a public testnet for the protocol. Provide bootstrappers / genesis bakers. begin running tests. write documentation about the proposal to share to tezos community. inject protocol hash with a baker during proposal period. vote yes for proposal during voting phase. furthur testing in adoption phase. migrate to new protocol.

I am sure there are some steps missing. If anyone has a step-by-step guide or would like to help me learn this procedure let me know.



The best documentation available for this is:

To summarize, you'll want to:

  • patch src/proto_alpha
  • use scripts/snapshot_alpha_and_link.sh to copy the protocol into a new directory with the final hash
  • create a branch with the result
  • start a test network with your branch, using tezos-client activate protocol to activate your protocol
  • inject your proposal on Mainnet
  • communicate about your proposal

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