I am hoping this is a very easy answer as I am most likely thinking about the fundamentals of this incorrectly. I am trying to build out a quick POC for the company I work for but am struggling with the following concept.

Goal: Attempting to create a custom Fungible Token on the Tezos Network ( MAXDM for example )

The Tezos documentation is easy to follow, I was able to successfully create the sandbox, FA1.2 token, etc. enter image description here

I am able to create an FA1.2 Contract

I think the piece I am not putting together properly is how I need to implment this so-as I could create/distribute a new symbol on the Tezos network. In this example, the MAXDM can store XTZ on the sandbox but I am 99% sure I am not understanding this platform well enough to setup a custom symbol to play around with.

This is how I originated the MAXDM contract

**tezos-client originate contract MAXDM transferring 10 from alice running fa12.tz --init '(Pair {  } { Elt "tz1dEezCSqMVsmfnaAZS2rBJZfdFCZEyA7DP" 10000000 })' --burn-cap 0 --force**
  • I think your question is not sufficiently specific for me to give a good answer. Have a look at the tutorial at assets.tqtezos.com/docs/intro and don't hesitate to come back if you have a more specific inquiry :)
    – arvidj
    May 24 at 8:12

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