we have a request for a multisig. if someone could implement it, then we would be ready to pay for it. we need a fully working product.

what was presented not so long ago still does not work https://tzsignwallet.com, it has been more than half a year, and there is still no result.

I do not know why this cannot be implemented until now. if someone was ready to implement it, then we could agree on the price of the issue.

  • the testnet seems to be working. but the main network is already needed OK
    – SemElVik
    May 22 at 10:01

The wallet included in the OCaml Tezos Distribution contains native support for a multisig contract. There is commands for deploying a multisig and interacting with it. The specific documentation for these commands is here. Feel free to submit more questions if you have more specific inquiries.

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